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You Puttin Some Moves on Me There Cable?


Great Stuff.
Had Me Laughing Through The Whole Thing

Great Artists, Awesome Collabo


In Some Weird Way, I Can Relate To This. Great Music Choice. I Like Your Animation Style. Looking Forward To More Great Flashes. (Fuck HamOfEvil. Just A Hater)

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I Got Hooked On This Game. I Beat It Entirely Without Pushing The Hint Button.

Awesome Game. Very Addictive

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first off, whoever Xtrullor is, I'd probably stop working with them.

so much clashing sounds, no kind of apparent frequency placement at all with any of the instruments.
the clipping artifacts in your "mix" are laughing at me.
the percussion itself is punchy, yet still lacks some vibrancy, maybe eq the highs on the kik/snare a bit.
the bass is pretty full, but whatever presets you used for the rest are kind of garbage bro. real shit, dont ever use a straight preset, it's just toy shit and cheap. you gotta at least tweak it a little or else you get all these cookie cutter sounds, and honestly no amount of chorus or flanger or phasers are gonna make a shitty preset go god mode.

the idea itself got kind of lost in translation I feel, but thats more of a reason for you to move forward and focus on channeling those ideas properly.

def not the worst, very much potential, not terrible to do the bernie to, just not a club banger either.
it's fun, crazy energetic music, and not everyone can deliver that, so props on that.
really i think you just need to focus on your details bro, maybe look up some music theory and most of all: keeping doing what you love, dont ever stop and always learn from yourself.


you are the teacher and the student homie. good job.

EtzerGD responds:

I really appreciate the feedback :)

Idk which parts you thought were bad but they definitely weren't Xtrullor's parts; I came into this project knowing nothing about dubstep and he helped me a ton!

The frequency placement and clipping artifacts I'm still working on, so hopefully future songs will sound cleaner.

The presets aren't great, but anything I could've made would sound worse. I am working on playing around with VSTs and Harmor etc. to get better at making it sound how I want it to.
Thank you!

Yo This Shit Funky Bruh
Really Digging It, Them Chips A Tight Addition.
The Ending Progression With That Delayed(?) Sample Thing Turn My Ear Too.

Really Nice Mang, Should Be Used For A Movie.

eppskevin responds:

yooooo Epitome! Good to see you my brutha. It's been such a long time since I've been on here. I didn't realize it's been like 2 years... time flies man. Glad you diggin it man!


Promethicus responds:

aw chyea keep a third eye out for another collab with qwaint!

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Salad Fingers Is Hiding


Ive Been Sitting Here Goin through All your Work

And Damn.

Amazing Stuff, and With A MOUSE AND MS PAINT??
Blows My Mind Mang.

Great Shit, Your An Epic Artist.
Gives Me Inspiration For My Music.
Thanks On Behalf Of The World for Your Art.

Stay Up


i dont sell molly no more


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